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Together to Protect Human & Environment Association

نحن جمعية غير حكومية مسجلة في دائرة المنظمات غير الحكومية – الامانة العامة لمجلس الوزراء تاسست سنة 2005 وبرقم تسجيل  IZ44669

our vision

A society that lives in peace, respects human rights and preserves the environment.

Our message

Making a positive change in the behavior of individuals and institutions and studying the legislation and laws related to ensuring human rights and environmental safety in Iraq in a way that achieves security and peace for all members of society.


Our goals

a. Dissemination of basic knowledge and skills in environmental management in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

B. Providing advisory aid to government departments and companies, private sector companies and civil society organizations to enhance their orientations towards protecting the environment and developing environmental work.

T. Contribute to the development and building of national capacities in the field of establishing and implementing environmental management systems in accordance with international standard requirements.

w. Providing knowledge support and technical expertise to organizations wishing to establish and implement environmental management systems.

c. Issuing bulletins and magazines that serve the goals of the association and contribute to meeting and updating the specialized knowledge of organizations in environmental management issues.

h. Spreading the basic concepts of human rights and duties towards nature and the environment among people and in universities, institutes and schools, and striving to include them in educational and academic curricula.

x. Encouraging scientific research in the environmental field and human rights.

D. Contribute to the preparation and upbringing of young people culturally and environmentally through courses, seminars and continuous cultural lectures.

y. Cooperating with all governmental and non-governmental aspects of society with common goals and coordinating work with them in order to achieve a balance between man and the environment and reduce the risks of natural and industrial pollution.

R. Spreading the culture of peace, dialogue, tolerance and respect for human rights among the components of Iraqi society.

g. Training individuals in the field of environmental education and consolidating the basic values of life in the new youth.

s. Empowering women economically, politically, healthily and socially through training and rehabilitation so that they have an active role in public life.

u. Contribute to assisting organizations to obtain the international ISO 14001 certificate, and thus achieve international recognition of the quality of their operations environment and activities.

s. Cooperate with various unions and associations inside and outside Iraq to serve the goals of the association and achieve the aspirations of its members in transferring and localizing the latest developments in issues related to the environment, health and human rights.

Means of achieving goals:

1- Implementation of training programs for individuals, governmental and non-governmental institutions.

2- Holding seminars, meetings and giving lectures to spread the environmental culture and the culture of human rights.

3- Contribute to conferences, seminars and celebrations on occasions with common goals.

4- Cooperating with environmental organizations and human rights organizations all over the world.

5- Shedding light on environmental violations, and presenting appropriate suggestions to the relevant authorities for the purpose of developing appropriate solutions to them.

6- Preparing studies and surveys in the field of environment and human rights

7- Leading advocacy and mobilization campaigns.

8- Using visual, print and audio media and issuing flyers, posters and publications.

Protecting the property rights of the association

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