Current Date

Services provided by the association:

    Training and capacity building in the following areas:
  1. Human Development

  2. Environmental management according to the international standard ISO 14001

  3. Social responsibility according to the international standard ISO 26000

  4. Occupational health and safety in accordance with the international standard ISO 45001

  5. Formation of community alliances to address addiction and drugs

  6. Integrated education for teachers, educators and parents

  7. Writing project proposals

  8. Management of non-governmental organizations

  9. Youth life skills training

  10. Advocacy and mobilization

Consultations and studies in the following areas:
  1. Consulting in environmental problems and issues

  2. environmental studies

  3. Polls

  4. Studies in the field of chemicals affecting the endocrine glands

  5. Studies of the effect of lead on human health

  6. in the field of sustainable development

  7. in the oil industry

  8. Treatment of water pollution and oil pollution

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