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(My Dreams) is a distinguished magazine that caresses childhood dreams
With beautiful bright colors, elegant printing, and various topics close to children's interests, the first issue of (My Dreams) magazine was released. It is a children's magazine that deals with environmental issues and children's rights. It seeks to be close to the aspirations of the child and the family, and to realize the dreams of living in a world where justice and love prevail, and in which images of beauty, greenery, and cleanliness are spread.
 Contributed to writing and drawing the first issue of the most prominent creators in the field of children's literature and culture in the Arab world. Among them is the leading storyteller Talal Hassan, who wrote a story titled (The Night Storm), which was illustrated by his son Omar Talal, who also drew the cover of the issue, and Jalil Khazal, who wrote the issue poem and a scenario about the Corona pandemic drawn by the brilliant artist Mahmoud Salem. And the Palestinian storyteller Maryam Hamad wrote a beautiful story entitled (The Butterfly Effect), embodied in a graphic by the Syrian painter Bushra Khairbek. the last one. Among the beautiful narrative stories is the story of (The Girl of the Environment) by the promising writer Manar Diaa Al-Gharawi, and a story by the creative writer, Zikra Al-Aibi, entitled (The Colored Papers Card), which was illustrated by the illustrator Haifa Abdel-Hussein, and among the treasures of children’s journalism is the scenario (Fireworks) by the great artist Diaa Al-Hajjar warns of danger Fireworks, firecrackers, and weapons sold to our children in the markets.
There is a story and a parable about the donkey that danced, drawn by Ivan Hikmat. And a beautiful illustrated investigation of the loyal Iraqi buffalo for those interested in its breeding, and a scientific illustrated investigation of the neem tree, which is like a complete pharmacy. And important information about pomegranate and its benefits and methods of cultivation. And an important topic on how to act when dangerous gases leak.
The issue included a photo report on the results of the (We Draw for Water) competition, which showed pictures and paintings of our children who drew for World Water Day, and won the prizes of the competition.
In addition to the fixed magazine chapters (My Beautiful Language), (The Little Explorer), (Creative Friends), (Entertainment Pages), and (A City from My Country).
It is worth mentioning that (My Dreams) magazine is a quarterly magazine published by (Together Association for Human and Environment Protection) in Iraq, and its editor-in-chief is the childhood poet Jalil Khazal.
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