Donor FIDA: Finnish organization
Implementing partner : Together Association for the Protection of Humans and the Environment
Duration of the project: 4 years 2022-2025
Impact to be achievedInnovative education and a healthy living environment for children and youth in Iraq


Expected results of the project:

Outcome 1: Promote the realization of the right to education for children and young people, especially for girls and persons with disabilities

Outcome 2: Promote the realization of rights related to safe living environments for children and youth, especially for girls and children with disabilities

Outcome 3: Increased capacity and sustainability of partner organizations to work innovatively to advance the rights of children and youth


Targeted governorates: Baghdad - Kirkuk - Nineveh - Erbil

Targeted government agency: Ministry of Education

Direct beneficiaries: teachers, students, parents


The main activities of the project:

–              Training of trainers for teachers on integrating the concept of sustainability into education

–              Teacher training on integrated education

–              Establishing on-site school clubs and online clubs for children

–              Innovative projects for youth in the field of education and the environment


–              Online awareness seminars and webinars.

The Together Association for the Protection of Human and the Environment has implemented a number of events and activities since 2018-2021:
  1. Training of trainers on the integrated education programs and the program for integrating the concept of sustainability in education
  2. Establishing 8 and 15 online school clubs during the Corona pandemic, which trained children in various skills such as environment, art, recycling, drawing, calligraphy, decoration, mental arithmetic and the English language. About 848 children from Erbil, Nineveh, Baghdad and the rest of the governorates participated in these clubs.
  3. Implementation of a number of on-site awareness seminars in Erbil, Nineveh and online for participants from several Iraqi governorates in coordination with the General Directorate of Education in Nineveh.
  4. Together Association implemented festivals and events on Earth Day, World Peace Day, Children’s Day, World Water Day and International Earth Day. It also carried out a afforestation campaign in a number of schools in Nineveh Governorate and established a sustainable school network
  5. A series of awareness seminars were conducted in schools, camps and villages about the health of girls during puberty and the importance of using reusable sanitary napkins because they are healthy and environmentally friendly.
  6. The association issued a children's magazine entitled "My Dreams", as well as an anthem for sustainable development for children. It also carried out a series of animations that talk about child rights issues, as well as some problems that children are exposed to, such as violence, bullying, early marriage, etc.

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