Who We Are

Together to protect Human & the environment Association (Together)

Registration ID No.

-In NGO registration office –Bagdad: 1Z44669 in 23/8/2005
-Kurdistan region: 1428 in 2/2/2009

Together representative

Expert engineer Saadia F. Hassoon


Together toward a peaceful society, working to respect human rights and protect the environment.


  •  To make Positive change in the behavior of individuals, institutions
  • To study the legislation and the relevant laws to ensure the safety of human rights and the environment in Iraq
  • To achieve, justice, security and peace for all members of the community


  • To make sure that all Iraqi citizens are granted all their rights stated under international agreements aiming at their safety, prosperity and freedom.
  • To preserve Iraq’s environment to be pure and good for human and other creatures and guarantee its integrity for future generation.
  • To make Iraq’s environment a basic notch to participate positively in preserving regional and international environment and to enrich life
  • Achieve highest level of integration between the human and environment in Iraq to reach to harmony which leads to efficient results for human benefit and ensures environment safety.
  • Defend human rights and protect the environment and natural resources.
  • Expand Iraqi’s knowledge of the basic principles of human rights and his duties toward environment and attempt to make it part of education course and materials for this purpose.
  • Encourage the scientific research and studies in the field of human rights and environment.
  • Organize courses, lectures and seminar to educate individuals in our society.
  • Cooperate with community, governmental or non governmental organizations with common goals to achieve the balance between human and environment, and decreasing the danger of natural and industrial pollution.


Means to achieve goals

  • Implementation of training programs for members of the government and of non-governmental institutions
  • Holding seminars, meetings and lectures for the dissemination of environmental & human rights culture
  • Contributing to conferences, seminars and celebrations with common goals occasions
  • Cooperation with environmental & human rights organizations all over the world
  • Highlight the environmental violations, and make appropriate suggestions to the relevant parties for the purpose of developing appropriate solutions
  • Preparation of studies and surveys in the field of environment and human rights
  • Leadership advocacy and mobilization campaigns
  • The use of visual media and reading, audio and issuing leaflets and posters and publications


Our values (the 10 Rs)



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