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 Erbil, July 2007
 14 July 2008

Vision : The most   rewarding efforts are   those that protect oneís   and otherís rights and   those that improve their   environment and protect  it.
Mission :
Amass all   individual efforts and   work together to   guarantee national and   international protection   of human rights and the   environment in Iraq.

  • Make sure that all Iraqi citizens are granted all their rights stated under international agreements aiming at his safety, prosperity and freedom.

  • Preserve Iraq's environment to be pure and good for human and other creatures and guaranty its integrity for future generation and protect kind.

  • Make Iraq's environment basic notch to participate positively in preserving regional and international environment and enrich life.

  • Achieve highest level of integration between the human and environment in Iraq to reach to harmony which leads to efficient results for human benefit and ensures environment safety.

  • Defend human rights and protect the environment and natural resources.

  • Expand Iraqiís knowledge of the basic principles of human rights and his duties toward environment and attempt to make it part of education course and materials for this purpose.

  • Encourage the scientific research and studies in the field of human rights and environment.

  • Vision : The most rewarding efforts are those that protect oneís and otherís rights and those that improve their environment and protect  it.

    Mission:Amass all individual efforts and work together to guarantee national and international protection of human rights and the environment in Iraq.

    Organize celebration in occasion of Iraqi environmental day 15April 2006 in two schools in Alasdair city

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